Nigerian hackers to represent Africa at world cyber Olympics

A team of five Nigerians will represent the African continent at this year’s CyberLympics, an international team-based Cybersecurity competition.

Team Naija, lead by Olu Akindeinde, the Chief Technical Officer, Digital Encode, an indigenous information security company, is billed to compete with teams from North America, Europe, Asia & the Middle East, South America and Australia.

The other members of the team include Mr. Obadare Adewale and Mr. Adetunji Adeoje from Digital Encode. They will be joined by Mr. Jaiyeola Abimbola and Mr. David Abolusoro from First Bank of Nigeria Plc.

According to Akindeinde, global CyberLympics is a series of cyber competitions that encompass forensics, ethical hacking and defense and teams will consist of four to six players.

He explained that other African teams had been eliminated at the preliminary stage like their counterparts in other continents leaving only selected few from each continent to represent their respective continents at the world final competition this October in Miami, United States.

While Akindeinde asserted that the Nigerian team was well prepared for the global cyber Olympics, other team members expressed optimism that the Nigerain team would make Africa proud at the event.

Global CyberLympics aspires to create an opportunity for ethical hacking to be accepted, practiced and demonstrated without any discrimination, across all geographical boundaries for the purpose of understanding what it takes to protect and secure critical information and assets.

The EC-Council Foundation, a charitable and educational organisation dedicated to educating and training individuals in security skills, said one of the key reasons for Global CyberLympics was to foster an environment that creates child online protection through education.

EC-Council, the organisers, said it hoped to discover new talents, methods and ideas; and to encourage development in the field of information security with the global competiton.

“It is our hope that besides discovering gifted hackers and cyber-defenders, the CyberLympics will inspire the development of information security professionals of the future,” the council said.

The EC-Council also said it hoped to educate the global community, especially in developing nations and third world countries on the issues of information security, and encourage further development of the field.

The Patron for Global CyberLympics, Dr. Hamadoun Toure, who is also the Secretary-General, International Telecommunications Union, the United Nations’ specialised agency for ICT, said the cybersecurity competition would also be geared towards fostering an environment for child online protection through education.

He said, “Within the framework of the Child Online Protection initiative, inaugurated by the ITU in 2008, the EC-Council Foundation together with ITU is fostering an environment that creates child online protection through education. This is also a great method for capacity building for the relevant agencies in the member states and our hope is that this will help foster cyber peace.”





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