Nairobi’s new strategy to fight city crime

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Nairobi police in plainclothes will now be deployed undercover on various city commuter routes in a new initiative to curb rising cases of robbery in Public Service Vehicles.

Provincial Police boss Benson Kibui revealed that other officers will be deployed to the various bus stops in the city to boost security.

He pointed out that plainclothes officers will board PSVs as passengers in a bid to deter any hijackings.

“We are coming up with a new initiative where we will be able to avail several officers within the respective termini during the night and as people board these vehicles, our officers will also be boarding them posing as passengers,” he said.

Kibui who met with Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero said his officers have been given fresh orders to fight increasing cases of carjacking.

“We have professional offers who know how to do it. We are going to get those people who terrorise innocent passengers. What we are doing is that we are going to ensure that we upgrade security operations in so far as carjacking and we can attest to the fact that we have nabbed several of them lately and they have been arraigned in court,” he stated.

Kibui further emphasised the need for joint effort from the private sector, matatu industry and the county council in fighting the rising spate of crime in the city.

He stated that gangsters were innovating new ways to terrorise Kenyans and stressed the need for everyone to join in the fight against crime.

He urged all Kenyans to bring forward any information they have on criminal operations so as to aid in the fight against crime in the city.

Kidero in the meantime expressed the commitment of the county government to improve security in order to boost investor confidence and attract capital inflows.

“In an insecure environment, the happiness index is always low but also businesses cannot thrive more particularly for the small businesses that do not have insurances because if they lose working capital due to incidences of insecurity it takes a long time for them to come up. Also investors do not want to invest in cities and towns that are insecure,” he said.

“You must be aware that the police reforms are on course and they will involve ensuring there are resources within the force but we are not going to wait for this to be complete. We will make Nairobi secure so that we all can have peace of mind,” the governor said.




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