New software firm arrives in Kenya

A South African business process software company specialising in risk management is in Kenya and eyeing opportunities in the East African region. Metrix Software Solutions said it has entered into a deal with Nairobi-based Bluekey Information Systems to supply its flagship IsoMetrix software.

IsoMetrix, a web-based integrated risk management system software, assists businesses to gather, manage, and share relevant information on safety, health, environment, and quality and report on performance. “It uncovers hidden trends and makes discoveries that drive innovative decisions.

More importantly, the software identifies and mitigates risks involved in business by tracking safety, health, environment, and quality,“ said Metrix director Paul Marketos

He said the software consolidates and automates non-financial systems, boosting a firm’s efforts towards complying with international management standards and business guidelines such as ISO.

The software, which incor porates features that interpret policies and laws, is targeted at various companies in different sectors including manufacturing, finance, telecom munications, and mining.

Currently, the software is used by 25,000 companies across 10 African countries.

“East Africa is a growing market and we foresee a huge uptake of the software in the region.

“The emergence of the mining, oil, and gas sectors within this region means more opportunities because they require strict environment, safety, and health compliance,“ said Bluekey managing director Mala Bhatt




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