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There is a celebrity baby boom in town with the likes of DJ 7, Queen Eve and Robatta expecting their first babies any time now. Even though celebrities like keeping their private lives out of media scrutiny, AUSTINE OKANDE and MKALA MWAGHESHA go ahead to dig out the latest Nairobi showbiz couples in town, most of whom could be tying the knot soon

Mary Munyali aka D7 had become the talk of town after Pulse unveiled her as the youngest deejay in town, mid-last year. The chocolate beauty then made a spinning dip as she took a showbiz debacle.D7 had gotten ‘pegged’. Everyone wanted to know whom she had been dating as few had access to her private life.

And even with a month left before she becomes a mother, her pregnancy remains one of the most guarded secrets in town. Talking to Pulse, D7 said even though the pregnancy might not have been planned, she is ready and happy about becoming a young mother, something she says won’t negatively affect her entertainment career. And so is former Ogopa Deejays talent and artistes’ manager Robertta Kithimba, who has been dating a man yet to be unveiled to public. Even though love flings between celebrities are known to exist, currently, celebrities seem to have opened the love floodgates. It is an open secret that singer Juliani is dating top actress Brenda, while gospel producer J Blessing and Lies That Bind actress Chantelle are engaged. But just who else is dating who in our celebrity scene?

 slideJuliani_051012_2Juliani (30) and Brenda Wairimu (24):Dating: About two years

After Pulse captured them on camera one Sunday morning sharing scoops of ice cream at Java, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, the two swung into denial mood before finally admitting they were indeed an item. Since then, the two lovebirds have been attending public functions together and have been captured in several high-end leisure joints entertaining themselves. This couple is the most adored and closely watched pair with many praying that they tie the knot soon. They are quite a match and as Juliani put it the other day, Kenya awaits to see them get to the next level.

J Blessing and Chantelle:Dating: About seven months

J_BLESSINGEven though they had been seeing each other for a while before this, the affair between celebrity gospel producer J Blessing and Chantelle went public last December after the two were spotted hanging out in several hangout joints. During the New Year Groove Awards gig at Nyayo National Stadium, the first paparazzi picture of the two was taken as they appeared together looking cosy all night. A month ago, the two went public about their love life during a major birthday party hosted for Chantelle at J Blessing’s uptown residence and attended by a dozen of close friends. On the night, J Blessing gifted Chantelle with a white pet dog. Chantelle has since then been helping J Blessing run his production business.

“We have nothing to hide. We are in a love relationship and quite happy together,” the Tokelezea hit maker exclusively told Pulse.

Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi:Dating: Almost two years

tumblr_m25vyeHi2q1qdk9fhNick, the versatile actor and socialite who hosts a show in One FM, has been seeing Bridget the model, for nearly two years now. Since they walked down the red carpet hand-in-hand during the launch of Shuga 11 at Museum Hill, Nairobi a while back, the two have become the talk of town. They are always together in public functions.

“The relationship is working well because we are both ambitious driven and have managed to keep the relationship private for quite some time,” Nick told Pulse.

Rufftone and Crystal;Dating: Three years

This has been long coming. After years of dating, the two gospel artistes are ready to walk down the aisle after hosting their formalising ceremony at Crystal’s Kikuyu up-country home last December. The two got acquainted to each other after Crystal showed up at Rufftone’s Lampstand Studio about three years ago and have been an item since. She is the second girl he has ever dated.

Bon-Eye and Wangeci Kihura Dating: Several years

boneeyeThe two went public about their love affair late last year after keeping it a secret for several years. It was all sensational as the P-Unit rapper hosted his friends to a leisure weekend at the exclusive Enashipai Resort Spa Lake Naivasha joint, where he went down on one knee and said the magic words. Bon-Eye slid a gold ring with three diamond stones on her finger, a sign that it was not business as usual anymore.

Octopizzo and Baby Jaber;Dating: Four years

octopizzoEven though not so many fans are aware of this relationship, Octopizzo and the mother of his baby Jaber have been together for four years. In fact, during this interview, the lady begged Pulse for anonymity. But the two are quite a couple working together towards creating the Number Nane Empire. Octopizzo says their baby is a major unifying factor adding that their wedding will be covered live on TV. Question is how soon?

Joy Kendi and Phillipe Bresson;Dating: Two years and counting

The beautiful actress, who has appeared in Changing Times and Prem alongside other production was rumoured to have gotten most of the roles through Brenson, who is a director at Insignia Kenya.

The two have been linked together after several appearance in a number of celebrity events and other public occasions. However, a little bird tells Pulse that it might not be all rosy. It was hard digging the truth from them but keep it here and get the story as it unfolds.

Adelle and Christopher; Dating: Nearly two years

adelleAfter six years of dating, Kiss FM radio host Adelle Onyango exclusively told Pulse (last month) that she is engaged to her long-time friend Christopher Obwaka. The two are set to tie the knot soon.

“My boyfriend, Chris Obwaka, proposed to me during my birthday dinner,” Adelle said.

“I love cup-cakes and he knows that. During the dinner date at the beginning of February, he surprised me with three-cup cakes with the writing; “Will you marry me,” she said during the Pulse interview.

Madtraxx and DJ Elektra:Dating: months

Coating their new blossoming relationship, the two were spotted at the Jameson Live Party acting cosy and touchy. The Kemmerer hit maker has definitely found a soft spot in Deejay Elektra, who confirmed their love affair to Pulse.

Deejay Elektra has a history with Code Red, owned by Madtraxx and company.

“Yes we are dating,” Madtraxx said on phone, before adding that there wasn’t need to add details since the relationship is till on its toddler stage.

Dabali and Jimw@t

Upcoming singer and Karaoke host Grace Dabali and Calif singer Jimwa@t have been having an on and off affair for the last three years. The two        are still friends despite getting involved in a day light drama during Jimw@t’s video shoot last year.

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