New Music: Obe Baba Remix by Raj ft. Stella Mwangi [VIDEO]

You probably haven’t heard of Raj, but his newly released Obe Baba remix is bound to place him on the map. The song’s hashtag, #ObeBabaRemix, has climbed the Kenya trends pane on Twitter prompting many to look up the song on YouTube. The original track was released in February by Raj. According to the musician, the hook Obe Baba means ‘Oh My!’ in Kisii. The remix, which lays Kikuyu and Kisii bars on top of a medium tempo beat, features top female rapper STL (Stella Mwangi).

Do you think Obe Baba will be a hit? Watch the clip below and let us know.

Watch The original track was released in February by Raj Below



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