New $100 Million Addis Ababa National Stadium

Adey Abeba, an international standard stadium is to be built at a cost of 2.47 billion Br. The stadium will be constructed in 900 working days by China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CCEC), with construction slated to be started 45 days after signing the agreement on January 5, 2016.

The forthcoming stadium will have the capacity to hold 60,000 spectators in its 30,000sqm area from the total area of 100,000sqm. The stadium will be constructed according to International Association of Athletics Federations’ (IAAF) standards and will feature mobile ticketing technology and mobile play back for games hosted there. The structure was designed by MH Engineering Plc for 40 million Br, with that agreement signed with the Federal Sport Commission on October 7, 2014.

The Adey Abeba stadium will also house the Academy of Youth & Sport. Materials like cement and gravel will be sourced locally, while the stadium’s finish will be handled by Ethiopian contractors, said Redwan Hussein, minister of Youth & Sport.

The project will be wholly financed by the Ethiopian government.

Description: Addis Ababa National Stadium

The concept of national stadium for Ethiopia was part of an international competition in 2012. The sports-leisure hub of Addis Ababa is to be built on a vast, mostly unused square of 67ha in eastern part of the city.

Most of the terrain will be taken by the primary stadium and its parking infrastructure for 10,000 cars, together consuming 37ha. The remainder will be used to provide football, volleyball and basketball fields, together with a swimming pool and smaller facilities.

The stadium for 60,000 fans will be covered by a distinctive dome. With a dynamic steel structure, the roof will be covered in decorated tensile membrane panels. All facilities are to meet FIFA and IAAF requirements.

Capacity 60 000
Country Ethiopia
City Addis Ababa
Category Design being implemented
Cost ETB 2 mld / bln
Construction 2015-2017
Design MH Engineering
Design time 2012



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