Namwamba: Our ODM rivals disrupted polls


Budalang’i Member of Parliament Ababu Namwamba and his allies have blamed their rivals in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of disrupting Friday’s party elections at the Kasarani Sports Gymnasium.

Namwamba who was gunning for the post of Secretary General said they had warned the party leadership and elections board of a plot to interrupt the elections well before they got underway, and were assured that everything was under control.

“We knew there was a plot to disrupt the elections. We complained to the party leader in advance the night before the National Delegates Conference and we were assured it be secure, free and fair,” Namwamba revealed on Saturday.

He said they were shocked that the violence occurred despite taking the necessary action and alerting the party leadership.

Namwamba said those responsible for the violence are known.

“What is shocking and disappointing is that those responsible for this violence are well known. The planning and execution of this violence was clear and well known in advance. We know who hired the goons. How could they sink so low to hire people and give them instructions to come and disrupt (the polls), they have brought shame unto our party, and we tell all of them shame on you!” Namwamba said.

He called for action to be taken against the people who orchestrated the violence and also those who implemented the plan that saw the ODM election put off indefinitely.

Namwamba was accompanied by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who was vying for the post of Deputy Party Leader, Adan Keynan (National Vice Chairman), Rosa Buyu vying for Organising Secretary and Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok for National Chairman.

Delegates from various counties including Members of Parliament also attended the press conference held at a Nairobi hotel, where speaker after speaker announced that it was apparent who had an upper hand in the elections.

“We were ready to go for another election even this morning. We wanted voting by way of secret ballot, even those who thought acclamation would have been of help for them, even if we went the acclamation way, really this is the team of choice. We are the will of the people are we are therefore the bonafide leaders of the party,” said Joho.

Namwamba said they are ready for elections anytime and anywhere, as he announced that they would attend a church service in Kitengela and hold a rally in the same area on Sunday afternoon.

“If anyone doubts this is the team of the delegates’ choice, we would love a repeat match, today, tomorrow, anytime, anywhere… bring it on. In fact if Nairobi is a problem, why don’t we do it in Lodwar or Isiolo,” he declared.

Namwamba said they will be ready to work with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the leader of the party.




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