Nairobi’s most desirable women

Our recent Top 10 ‘lust list’ of the hottest men in Nairobi sparked heated debate — a potpourri of cheers and jeers. As expected, readers instantly demanded an index of the most desirable women. This week the wish has come true.

Once again, after days of deliberation with lots of toing and froing, The Nairobian’s fine-eyed panelists crafted longlists and shortlists that have been compressed into the last 10.

Nairobi’s most desirable woman has got beauty and brains; she is visible and vibrant; has confidence and charisma; is stylish and sexy; prosperous in whatever she does; and believes in her abilities.

Well, anybody who says the beautiful ones are not yet born has some thinking to do.

Caroline Ndung’u


Caroline Ndung’u, Marketing Director EABL

There’s nothing better than a beautiful woman with balls — figuratively speaking of course. Caroline is all that and more. The East African Breweries Limited Group Marketing & Innovation Director is not only confident in her abilities, but also has the stunning looks that have seen her stand out from our crowded list of female corporate honchos.

Hmm, is it just us or does anybody else also feel like grabbing a Tusker, pronto!

Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko

No-nonsense. Confident. Successful. Inspirational. Beautiful. Etc. That’s Caroline Mutoko (don’t you dare call her Caro). She intimidates the ‘average guy’ because ‘average’ is not what she is. But, as our panelists found out, many Nairobian men rank her quite highly. Love or hate her, you cannot ignore the Kiss FM radio host.

Eve D’Souza

Her smooth voice graced the airwaves for years, as she hosted Hits not Homework on Capital FM. The graceful lady remains a respected and admirable figure, making heads turn whenever she passes.

Joy Doreen Biira

Once ranked the third ‘most sexy and brainy’ woman in Uganda by Elle Afrique magazine, the ‘yellow yellow’ KTN anchor no doubt brings joy to the screen. Indeed, nobody should blame the men for paying keener attention to business news whenever the nyabo (madam in Luganda) is on air. And there must be something about those eyes and the accent.

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

Ranked index number one at Mama Ngina Girls’ High School, Mombasa, you’d struggle to find a hotter and more hardworking actress in Nairobi. We aren’t about to tell you that she is dating award-winning gospel rapper Juliani. We just want you to know that the sex siren is on the top six of Nairobi men’s ‘lust list’.

Brenda beats Tanya to book a spot on our list.

Rachael Shebesh

Rachael Shebesh

Rachael Shebesh

If any man is woken up from deep sleep with the question, “who is the most desirable female legislator?” the answer is likely to be: Rachael Shebesh.

Men are immensely drawn to the Nairobi County Women Rep. Good looks combined with an aggressive style in a male-dominated ‘dirty game’ seem to have given her the ranking.

To make it to the list, Shebesh has beaten a strong challenge from newcomer Naisula Lesuuda to storm the Top Five.

Size 8

Whenever Linet Munyali aka Size 8 performs, men are left with mouths agape. Her transition from secular to gospel music does not seem to have diminished her popularity among men.

With a shape and face that feature in many men’s dreams, all we can say about the church girl is: Amen!

Linda Ogutu

Linda Ogutu

Linda Ogutu

The Nairobian broke a story on how a shouting match at a bar in Nairobi West Mall recently descended into fisticuffs after two grown men (presumably of sound mind) disagreed over which TV station to watch. One wanted the bartender to change channels to KTN Prime News while the other insisted on Citizen TV’s Live at 9. Actually the pro-KTN man kept shouting that he had to watch anchor Linda Ogutu.

We are not surprised. Linda is ultra-confident and well-endowed, making her beat formidable competitors on our shortlist, including Julie Gichuru, Lillian Muli, Anne Kiguta, Janet Mbugua and Victoria Rubadiri.

Psst, need we mention that most men prefer that she remains standing as she anchors the news!

Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta

She first came to the public limelight during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s acceptance speech after the Supreme Court affirmed his election victory. Ngina stood out when the Kenyatta family got to the stage, and later created a lot of buzz online.

The beautiful young lady likes to have a good time with her friends and has in recent weeks been involved in charity work. Nonetheless, for a newcomer in the public limelight to be voted Number 2 is quite an achievement. Is it because she is the president’s daughter or is she her own woman, so to speak? Tell us.


Vera Sidika



Is her big butt fake? Is she a publicity hound? Why does she post suggestive selfies on social media? Is she a high-end prostitute? Does she own the cars and businesses she claims to have? Is she more popular than Huddah?

Well, the questions may go on and on, but one thing is for sure: Vera ‘Vee S Beiby’ has been listed by consensus as Nairobi’s most desirable woman (Note: Many women hate her; many men pretend not to like her)
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