Nairobi’s Hottest Policewomen

Beauty at best is fragile. And some careers are not exactly famous for brittle prettiness. But today we dispel the myth. There are fine lasses in the police force, for instance. They are eye candy, and sometimes a site for sore eyes in Nairobi’s exasperating traffic.

So much that, morning and evening FM radio traffic updates are spiked with complaints from male motorists about beautiful policewomen distracting them. It is beauty from an unlikely quarter. We know them to be mean and ruthless, but from these photos, they are beautiful, lean, clean and neat, just how men prefer their women. If you thought only lotion billboards can arrest your attention, think again.

However, be careful, for such a distraction might cause a traffic offence, and you might end up in their hands. But still, what man will mind being handcuffed with anyone of these, at least up to the door of the cell?

Who is your favourite city policewoman?

Yasmin Abdi for Juja Police Station

Yasmin Abdi for Juja Police Station


Zidi Yusuf for Police Headquarters


Judy Chemutai for Nairobi Area


Felista Safari for the Wilson Airport


Elizabeth Resa for Parliament buildings


Jeniffer Mulwa for Nairobi Area

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