Nairobi police arrest Indian women in Westlands ‘strip’ club with heroin

strip_clubsThirteen people including eight Indian women were Wednesday night arrested from a club in Westlands area, Nairobi and four grammes of heroin recovered from them.

Police say eight of the suspects are women who had temporary work permits to work elsewhere but not in the club where they were dancing as other revelers watched and dropped money to them.

According to Nairobi County police boss Benson Kibui, the girls cannot speak English and Swahili but were dancing at the club that is based at Diamond Plaza when police struck.

Police also arrested a husband and wife who are the owners of the club and their workers. Police say the suspects will appear in Thursday.

Kibui said they had information some of the revelers there were consuming narcotics before they staged the raid at about midnight.

“We don’t entertain people who use or sell narcotics. We understand the girls had been brought from India and promised to be given jobs elsewhere but they were dancing there. It is criminal,” said Kibui.

Police have in the past week been staging raids on bars and restaurants admitting illegal revelers. Last weekend, the officers raided clubs in the city and arrested more than 1,000 underage revelers.

They were all students who had gone for what they usually term as jam sessions.

Some of those arrested were later taken to court where they were freed after their parents appeared there and signed bonds to ensure they will take care of them.

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