Music Video Debut: Atemi – Nairobi

atemi ayungu

The city of Nairobi, (as great as it is) needs its own anthem,’ said the prolific singer Atemi as she first performed her song ‘Nairobi’ about a year ago at a live concert. Well, she’s just released the brand new video and it is indeed quite the beautiful and majestic delivery we’ve seen for a Kenyan artiste celebrating the capital of this great country.

‘England, France… wherever they go, we’ll laugh at them because we know they’ll be right back in Nairobi,’ Atemi sings heartily and with such a perfunctory stance that one can’t help but stop and listen. This songstress is of a unique crop of Kenyan musicians who manage to take control of the audience and listener’s emotions, control them, mould them and manipulate them to convey whatever it is they want to share… thank goodness this is bent on national, albeit city, pride.

‘Nairobi’ is a scintillating mix of stunning visuals of the city, a historical tour over decades of independence and nationhood, as well as extensive shots of the singer and her band, with a backdrop of the city skyline, befitting of what she’s singing about.

What will you feel when you take a look at the video? Here it is:




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