Muranga Leaders plead for Matiba compensation

njindoLeaders in Murang’a County want the Jubilee government to compensate a former opposition leader.

According to them, heroes such as Mr Kenneth Njindo Matiba should be feted for the role they played in making Kenya democratic.

Area women representative Sabina Wanjiru Chege said: “He (Matiba) lost all his wealth and health while fighting for democratic space in this country and he deserves some recompense.”

She noted that the former opposition leader and ex-Kiharu MP urgently needs medical assistance as his family is struggling to handle the bills.

Mr Matiba is reknown for his contribution to the fight for multiparty democracy during the Kanu regime.

“The bank took all his property following debts that Matiba accrued while fighting for democratic space in the country, I would urge the government to support him and his family now,” said Ms Chege.

She urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to support Mr Matiba while he is still alive and proposed that Murang’a University College be named after him.

Senator Kembi Gitura said: “The national government is still discussing whether to set a heroes corner in Nairobi but county governments can do the same and honour heroes from their areas.”

The two were speaking at Weithaga Primary school in Kiharu while distributing blankets to senior citizens and shoes to three primary schools in the area.




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