Mkulima Young Champion – Utilizing an idle plot in Nairobi for farming [VIDEO]

Meet Mary and Obedi Moseti a young couple in late 20s, who resides in Nairobi South C estate and utilizing their quarter plot of land which as been idle awaiting development. As the other people are struggling to put up big houses in Ruai 26 the Moseti’s are earning from their “plot farm” which has 2 greenhouses, 200 indigenous chicken, 35 rabbits, 92 pigs and 5,000 plants of strawberry.

Obed a graduate of Bsc Biotechnology from JKUAT and also finalizing his Masters in Finance from Kenyatta University while Mary is a graduate of Human Resource from KEMU and she is clearing her Masters in Counseling Psychology in Daystar University have a passion in agriculture.

After experiencing food poisoning from restaurant food the Obedis decided to be getting their own home grown white meat. With a capital of ksh 12,000 the couple constructed a poultry house and bought few kienyenji chicken for their domestic use in their plot. As the time went by there was more than enough chicken for their consumption they started selling the excess eggs and chicken to their neighbors and colleagues. The demand of their chicken increased and they realized that there was potential their small plot of of land to accommodate other agro-enterprise.

Ruai 26 has a problem of water and so the Mosetis decided to dig a well of 130 feet and they pump water using a pump. Their two greenhouses have 6 different varieties of tomatoes that include: Roma, San Marzano, Cherries, beefsteak and yellow pear. These are varieties that are not commonly grown by farmers especially the cherries that are eaten as fruits. They utilize their balcony in South C for nursery propagation and then transfer the seedlings to the farm.

The have also kept different breeds of rabbit that include Dutch, Flemish giant, Earlops and New Zealand white while the pigs breeds are Landrace and Gloucestershire.
Being active fans of Mkulima Young on Facebook, twitter ( and also registered in Mkulima Young marketplace ( the Moseti’s have benefited in getting technical people in installing drip irrigation, wooden greenhouse and also to market their pigs and other farm produce.

The Moseti’s vision is to have high quality branded agricultural products for Kenyans and for export.

-Mkulima Young



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