Members of Parliament – Salaries and Remuneration Commission deal flopped last minute


Even as MPs voted to quash the legal notices for their reduced pay, Parliament had dispatched a letter to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission ( SRC) seeking a compromise.

Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi had last week written to SRC saying Parliament was ready to take the Sh532,000 but on condition the allowances are doubled.

MPs argue that after voting to adopt the annulment of the gazette notice that set their salaries, their employer Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) will now pay them in accordance to the National Assembly Remuneration Act.

A member of PSC told The Standard that the commission had met SRC chair Sarah Serem last Friday and there was ‘some light at the end of the tunnel’, but the move to pass the motion led to the collapse of talks.

“Whatever we were discussing with SRC is now behind us,” the Commissioner said, adding that the salaries body had introduced some new allowances that could have compensated the difference in the reduction from Sh851,000 to Sh532,000.

Committee on Delegated Legislation chairman William Cheptumo on Thursday said Parliament’s decision was final and MPs will be paid in accordance to the former rates.

Supreme organ

“ Parliament is supreme and the only organ of the state that is vested with the responsibility to legislate and amend laws.  The House too has an oversight authority over the other state organs.”

Cheptumo said his committee was not interested in fighting anybody but entrenching the rule of law by ensuring the law is followed.

“ SRC is entitled to its own interpretation but we as a House have followed both the Constitution and standing orders in passing the motion,” he added.

Baringo North MP who spoke on behalf of the committee warned that it will be wrong to imagine that Parliament can do nothing about the gazette notice by SRC.

“The issue we dealt with was about the rule of law and the dignity of elected leaders. We dealt with a broad aspect of the salaries issues including those touching on elected county representatives,” he said.

Apart from the reduction of basic salary, MPs were protesting a move by SRC to remove their pension scheme, housing allowance and car grant.

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