Maragua parliamentary Candidate Sam Wairimu to face sodomy charges

Maragua MP aspirant Sam Wairimu

Maragua parliamentary aspirant Sam Wairimu is set to appear in court today following his arrest Monday night.

Kandara police boss Gregory Mutiso said Mr Wairimu was arrested after a complaint was filed against him by a suspect, who had been arrested for allegedly assaulting the candidate.

Drama started last week when Mr Wairimu, who is contesting as an independent, was rescued by police officers at 5.30am from a lodging in Kenol after he made a distress call.

Mr Wairimu was bleeding profusely when the police broke into his room, Mr Mutiso said.


He said the candidate was taken to a hospital in Kenol while the suspected culprit was taken to Kabati Police Station.

“At the police station the suspect narrated why he was fighting the candidate,” said Mr Mutiso, adding that “he accused Mr Wairimu of trying to sodomise him.”

The police boss said officers had to wait for Mr Wairimu to recover before arresting him.

He said Mr Wairimu will face sodomy charges and the other suspect physical assault charges.


But Mr Wairimu gave a different account of the incident, alleging that his ordeal resulted from political wars with his rivals, who he said were scared of his rising political star.

The aspirant said an unknown person broke into a hotel room where he was spending the night and viciously clobbered him with a wooden bar that had nails on it.

Mr Wairimu said neighbours who responded to his screams locked the lodging door from outside, locking him inside with his attacker as they called the police for help.

However, Mr Mutiso said the two were fighting over unknown reasons and that blood was splattered all over the hotel room.

He said both sustained injuries.



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