Maendeleo Ya Wanaume Organisation: All naked statues in the country should be clothed or demolished.

supreme court fountain

Naked! Supreme Court Fountain Kenya

The Maendeleo Ya Wanaume Organisation now wants all naked statues in the country clothed or demolished.

The group’s chairman Nderitu Njoka says naked statue of either men or women are an infringement of human rights and disrespect to the sanctity of human life.

Addressing journalist on Friday, Njoka cited the Supreme Court statue depicting a stark naked boy holding fish in a fountain of water at the entrance of the court.

“Speaking as the chairman of men’s organisation all over the world I urge the government to act on this matter so as to help fight these human rights violation in both genders,” he said.

“The statues are reflection of injustices that are direct violations of international charter of human rights and dignity of human life either living, in spirit or dead.”

He says it does not reflect delivery of justice for people going there.

Njoka said the statue outside the Supreme Court was “as well symbolic of how the issues of the male gender are downplayed and neglected as portrayed.”

“The supreme court claims it represents naked justice. What if it was a naked statue of a girl, would it still represent naked justice?” he asked.

He has also urged the government to come up with a dressing code mostly for ladies and cited an example of an advertisement currently on billboards of a naked woman.

He says the advertisement is a reflection of moral degradation in the society.

“The government must now come up with a dressing code for our women that will help women dress decently,” he stated.

“Many of them are dressing indecently; this is actually bringing a lot of sexual violence. It is also a disgrace to the elderly.”

Njoka also says he is going to initiate a similar campaign worldwide.

supreme court fountain1

The statue in dispute outside the High Court in Nairobi. It denotes that the law knows no fear or favour; it bares it all.




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