LUCIA MUSAU : My wish is to dress the First Lady

How did you get into fashion blogging?
It started with my sister taking a photo of me. She thought I paired the pieces well and that was the same response I got when I posted it on my Facebook timeline. From then on, she would continually take photos and post them. Questions on fashion flowed in from the Facebook community and I would answer each of them. I saw an opportunity to open up a blog and a Facebook page.

fore you buy an outfit, what factors do you have to consider?
I ask myself if I really need it. I also have to see if it complements some of the outfits I have in my wardrobe, how I will piece it up, and whether it describes my style, which is simple yet classy.

You post every week with a different outfit…do you own all those clothes?
Ninety per cent of the clothes are my pieces. The others are from stores who constantly give me their outfits to pose with in my blog. The outfits end up being mine. When I started, I had to invest in my own pieces but as my blog grew, more and more people have asked me to endorse their pieces in my blog.

How frequent do you buy outfits for you to have something fresh to show as frequent as you do?
Honestly, I do not have a time frame. But I exercise restraint or else, I would buy everything I set my eyes on. I see many nice clothes everywhere I go.

Do you ever wear your outfits more than once?
I am the one-to-go kind of girl. I can have a shoe or a bag that I wear as many times. I try to be real as I am. I can also take an old clothing piece and pair with another one and change the whole look.

Have you ever had bad fashion days? Wardrobe malfunctions? Bad hair days? Anything?
Yes. I come from Mombasa and things are not done the way they are done in Nairobi. There was an evening event just across my office and I decided to stay in the office till late, and pop in there when the event starts. When I arrived, everyone was dressed for the event while I was there in my official look. I realised this is Nairobi, and you must go home and change to attend an evening outing and dress to the occasion.

How would rate Kenyan women in terms of dressing?
A lot of people are making an effort. When I am at the CBD during lunch hour, I see many people well-dressed, irrespective of age. Old and young, people are informed on matters fashion.

Which Kenyan celebrity would you wish to glam up?
The First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta. I am impressed with her ‘Beyond Zero’ campaign and I feel that this, and her being a First Lady, and being an icon, it would be an honour to dress her.

What is your fashion resolution for this year?
I resolve to post more often in my blog as much as I do on my Facebook page. I had been busy with work and ended up delaying updating my blog posts. I plan to be consistent.

A mother of one and a wife, what do you enjoy the most about having a family of your own?
It is very nice to have people to come home to, people who inspire me every day that when I reach a point I feel I cannot do it anymore, they give me the confidence to soldier on, not for myself, but for them.

What is your advice to women who want to make it in fashion blogging?
When you feel that is what you want, do it. There is so much into fashion blogging, it reaches a point that it is not all about posing for pictures and posting them. I have grown myself as a person through blogging. There are topics I never thought I would talk about and here I am, talking about them in my blog.





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