Ladies, spending too much time at his crib is a ‘turn-off’

walk of shame

Who doesn’t love a sweet cuddling session in the morning? The feeling is usually ecstatic but sadly, this is no case when one is a chips funga.

Okay. Ladies, one rule of thumb; never extend your visit or demand for ‘sweet cuddling’ if you know you are a chips funga. It drives men up the wall.

Actually it gives them goosebumps. Some men revealed to me what exactly goes through their minds when a woman ‘stays for too long’. Yes. They see it as ‘invasion of privacy’ and make no apologies!

A 31-year-old banker confessed to have been stuck in the situation on several occasions. He claims when this happens, his body gets into this automatic routine where his personality changes. His body ‘shuts down’ hoping the girl will notice his sudden lack of interest. He told me he had a girl come over to his place after a few drinks.

His plan was simple; have a good time and drop her the first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, the girl wasn’t reading from the same line. When she woke up asking for a phone charger, he knew his plan was bound to fail.

‘She needs to get out now!’ was the only thing he could think of. He told me how he faked a phone call from work; jumped into the shower, got dressed, dropped her to get a matatu and later, drove back to his house (feeling relieved!).

A 27-year-old interior designer confessed that he simply dresses up and informs his ‘guest’ they should be leaving.

“You have to play your cards well. Women are notorious for ‘what have you planned today and can we go have lunch?’ questions,” he said. His golden rule is to never take a girl to his place least she becomes too comfortable.

A 25-year-old entrepreneur says a chips funga should never stay past 12pm. He believes when a man offers to make breakfast; it is a polite way of asking for more sex. From the above accounts, it’s clear men know how to separate emotions from sex better than women. Ladies, if you are going over to a man’s house to enjoy some sugar, then go there prepared to leave bright and early. Make sure you have cab money in order to save yourself the embarrassment when he says he can’t drop you.

What are your thoughts?

-The Nairobian



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