[VIDEO] A senior Kenya Revenue Authority officer nabbed receiving five Million Shillings bribe

A senior Kenya Revenue Authority officer Richard Njoroge has been arrested by the Ethics and Anti Corruption commission while receiving a bribe of an equivalent of five million shillings in dollars. In a move to stem corruption in the body charged with filling the government coffers through tax collection, the EACC had set a trap for the officer. Richard Njoroge took the bait and was nabbed while in the process of finalising the deal. The trap set for him required him to do away with tax evasion claims for a businessman amounting to about 120 million shillings, an amount that had however been cooked up. Tax evasion in the country attracts fines or jail terms. Richard Njoroge hoever denied the claims even as he was led away in handcuffs by the officials

KRA officer Richard Njoroge

KRA officer Richard Njoroge



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