KOT reacts as Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami alleged to be in love drama with Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri

Kenyans on Twitter hold nothing back, and in their recent tirade, the Twittersphere is keen to unearth Michelle Ntalami’s private life.

Ntalami, the proprietor and founder of the hugely successful natural haircare brand Marini Naturals is the current subject of discussion of the dark interwebs. With little evidence, some have made allegations that Ntalami was the cause of a breakup between her friend, BBC journalist Christine ‘Makena’ Njeri and an unnamed woman. The news which went public online earlier this afternoon (9/07/2019) shocked many as most were not sure of Ntalami’s sexuality.

The post that went viral includes Makena’s white Mercedez Benz with spray paint on the door and hood. The poorly written “Makena Cheater”  and “Fu*k You” are clearly an angry reaction to what some suspect to be Makena stepping out on her relationship. However, it seems that K.O.T is keen to put two and two together, with some insinuating that the former Tahidi High star Makena Njeri allegedly cheated on her girlfriend with Ntalami.

Some took to the social media platform to mock the twosome, despite the fact the allegations are yet to be confirmed to be true. One tweep went on to comment on the dynamics of the relationship saying, “Makena ndiye dildo holder.” Another pondered, “Why would Makena cheat on a fellow lady with another lady? Longer fingers? Plump fingers? Experienced tongue? Longer tongue? Comb me, ladies, Bure kabisa.”

The Sauce reached out to Christine ‘Makena’ Njeri to clarify her side of the story. The actress seemed unaware of how the rumors could be related to her. She insisted, “I do not know what you people are talking about.”

Michelle Ntalami is yet to address the matte



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