Kisumu Solid Waste Management Project expands into other parts of Kenya


The successful launch of solid waste management operations in Kisumu County, including the recent start of cleaning in the constituency of Nyakach, has attracted attention from other counties in Kenya.

The directors of Madam R Enterprises Ltd as the organisation behind the Kisumu Solid Waste Management Project are in talks with a number of leaders to explore how street cleaning, waste collection, recycling, dumpsite recultivation and job creation can be implemented in their areas.
In this context, we are pleased to confirm that Madam R Enterprises Ltd has entered into an agreement with Nyeri Town Constituency, represented by Hon. Esther Murugi Mathenge.
In an urgent first phase, we will address the negative impact of the existing dumpsite on the town by structuring the deposition and covering of waste and at the same time taking the first steps for the eventual recultivation of the site. Informal workers already active at the dumpsite will play an important role in this process based on their experience and recycling expertise.
With help from local communities we can also achieve clean streets and  a regular collection of all waste in the urban areas of Nyeri Town. This forms part of a comprehensive strategy for solid waste management in Nyeri Town that will be developed together with residents, businesses, educational institutions and political representatives led by Hon. Mathenge. The ultimate goal is the processing and recycling of all inorganic and organic waste such that only a small amount of residual waste needs to be deposited in a new, environmentally safe landfill.
The projects in Nyeri and Kisumu are staffed and funded independently from each other with all operations being directed from the head office in Kisumu.
We expect to make  announcements about activities in further counties in the near future. Each county will progress at its own pace, determined by technical challenges as well as the political context.




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