Kimunya faces ban from holding public office


Former cabinet minister Amos Kimunya may never hold any public office if a key parliamentary watchdog committee makes real its threat.

The ex-minister may also face a possible prosecution for defying the national assembly committee that was forced to eject him for unruly conduct.

This is after, Kimunya, who as appearing before the Parliamentary Investment Committee irked MPs after engaging them in a shouting match before he was thrown out.

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PIC chairman Adan Keynan declared the former Kipipiri MP a hostile witness, after he numerous defied him and the committee who had summoned him over the ongoing probe on the controversial 447 billion shilling Standard Gauge Railway tender.

Kimunya who had over three times failed to appear forcing the committee to summon him, appeared at continental house at about 2.30pm and initially declined to take an oath until PIC clarifies on why they had called him.

“Mr Chairman I want first to know for whom I am appearing as a witness between the Government of Kenya, Kenya Railway, China Road and Bridge Construction, the government of the people’s republic of China and the PIC because I don’t work for either,” he said.

However, Keynan ruled him out of order and directed him to take an oath before responding to the queries of the MPs, which he reluctantly took.

The immediate former Transport minister then took the MPs through a written submission of his response to queries raised by the committee while summoning him. He irked the MPs when he sought to answer questions selectively and at one time telling the legislators they were wasting his time.

“I have sacrificed my time to appear before you when I should be making money out there and I know every one of you here will be paid allowances,” he added.

Angry MPs reprimanded him for the remark telling him that as a former minister, he is obliged by law to appear before a parliamentary committee. It’s at this juncture that he engaged MPs in another argument insisting that he is referred to as ‘the then minister for transport’ and not former minister.

At one time when Keynan ruled him out of order, Kimunya shouted back saying; “It is you who is out of order chairman.”

Aldai MP Cornelius Serem recalled how it was hard to find Kimunya saying he had arrogantly refused to honour an invitation to appear before the committee adding that the former legislator had stoked controversy in his public life.

“This is the same Kimunya who said that ‘I rather die than resign, the same Kimunya refused even to sign the summons to appear here and you all recall the controversies of Safaricom IPO, De La Rue tender, Grand Regency sale and now the Railway,” Serem said.

“There will always be controversies because people like you don’t want to listen to expert advice,” Kimunya retorted.

Leader of Minority Francis Nyenze demanded that Kimunya is declared hostile for disrespecting parliament with an infuriated Keynan telling off Kimunya to respect elected leaders as he had failed in his bid to recapture the Kipipiri seat.

“At this stage, Hon Kimunya is hereby declared hostile witness and ordered to vacate the precincts of parliament,” Keynan said when he attempted to calm him down.  The committee has got powers to recommend his prosecution and resolve in their report that he is unfit to hold public office.

Earlier, the MPs had taken him to task to explain why he had ordered Kenya Railway to cancel a competitive bidding for feasibility study on the SGR when in his on written reply, he had indicated that KR is an independent entity that cannot be ordered on issues of procurement.

“I did this to save tax payers one billion shillings because already CRBC construction was undertaking a similar study. If saving tax payers money is abuse of office, then I am ready to be answerable.”

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