“Kijana, you are here busy sleeping as if your mother dances for the local tycoon.”- Memorable mistaris from Kenyan teachers

teacherThey say that a good teacher, like a good entertainer, must first hold his audience’s attention, then teach his lesson. Here are some of the quotes by teachers that are still fresh in the memories of their students:

Mr Nyakundi: Kariobangi North Girls Secondary – Nyakundi taught biology religiously, often asking his students questions. To chicks who had no ready answers, says Jane Wangari, he would say: “Kasi yako ni kuranda randa na fichana wa fijiji (or fillage poys, meaning ‘village boys’) wakikunulia cheap chips.”

Mr Mutinyi: Holy Family Musembe Secondary – Moses Lekakeny wrote: The physics teacher knew just how to catch students in the wrong comer. He would say: “Young man, take care and don’t allow your hormones to overtake your brains.” Sometimes he would give you a quiz to attempt, and when the quiz became tricky, he would smile and say: “Itakubali!”

Mr Mbugua: Dagoretti High School – Kinyanjui SN wrote: Mr Mbugua taught us maths and whenever he walked into class and found you sleeping, he would say: “Kijana, you are here busy sleeping as if your mother dances for the local tycoon.”

Aol Jabuya: St Joseph’s, Rapogi High School – Vicky Onana wrote: Mr Aol was this adept footballer and school football team coach who, for the love of the game, fed his team an extra plate of nyoyo (githeri) after the main meal, for extra energy. He would shout to Sabato Begigno, his top striker, “Sabatooo… one sot (shot), two goals.”

Mr Munga: Kanunga High School -Stanley Ndegwa reveals that, “The physics teacher taught me in the early 1990s. Most of the time, he would say: “Boys, you bask in the sun like crocodiles, it’s the only thing you are good at!”

Mr Nyagaya: Maseno School – When you didn’t perform to his expectation, says Katana Joseph, he would say: “You have done nothing, and the nothing you have done, you have done it badly!”

Mr Ibrahim: Sankuri Secondary School, Garissa – He had little patience for students who liked hovering around the staffroom. “No student should come near the staffroom, whether there is football or funeral,” remembers Hassan Ali.



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