Kiambu Governor William Kabogo summoned in varsity student murder case

Ms Mercy Keino, a student at the University of Nairobi died on Friday June 17 2011. Her body was found on Nairobi's Waiyaki way.

Ms Mercy Keino, a student at the University of Nairobi died on Friday June 17 2011. Her body was found on Nairobi’s Waiyaki way.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and Kericho Senator Charles Keter have been summoned to appear before an inquest into the mysterious death of Mercy Keino.

Senior principle magistrate Peter Ndwiga gave the order following a complaint by State counsel Peter Omirera.

He cited attempts to reach at least 36 witnesses saying they were unsuccessful.

“The witnesses have been uncooperative, they do not pick their phones when we try to reach them and fail to honour our appointments whenever we send someone,” said Mr Omirera.

Mr Kabogo was adversely mentioned in the case after allegedly hosting Ms Keino at Wasini Luxury Homes in Westlands, Nairobi County.


Mr Keter led calls for investigations into the death of the University of Nairobi student.

In Tuesday’s hearing, a senior police officer said he concluded that the death might have been as a result of a hit and run accident after failing to get any leads into possible murder and foul play.

Senior Superintendent John Otieno testified that their investigations revealed that the deceased was excessively drunk on the fateful night and could have been hit by a speeding vehicle.

“Upon conclusion of the investigations, it became clear in my mind that the lady must have been knocked by a passing motorist after storming out of the party at Wasini,” said Otieno.

Asked how he arrived at that conclusion, Mr Otieno said his team reviewed the pathologist’s report which confirmed the deceased had consumed high amount of alcohol.


He added that they also relied on the testimony of a witness who saw the lady waving down motorists only to see her again laying dead a few minutes later.

According to him, no evidence showed that Ms Keino could have been killed elsewhere and dumped on Waiyaki Way as the prosecution alleged.

He however confirmed that a review of the CCTV footage and witness accounts showed that she had a disagreement with Mr Kabogo before storming out of the party.

“We gathered that Mr Kabogo slapped the lady and ordered his security to take her out.

“The footage showed that she was drunk and staggering. We could see that she was being ejected from the apartments by the security guards,” said Mr Otieno.


Asked how Ms Keino ended up at the party, Mr Otieno said investigations revealed that a lady had put up an internet advertisement.

“To me it seemed like a party by men who wanted the company of ladies. Mr Kabogo’s friend then contacted a lady who put up an advert through the internet for the ladies to come,” said Otieno.

Ms Keino is said to have died under mysterious circumstances after her disfigured body was found laying on the road.

Police investigations into her death did not uncover the mystery behind her death, and the Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko ordered the file be placed before a magistrate to conduct a public inquest.

The hearings continue on Wednesday.




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