Kenya’s Most Popular and well-paid Dance Crews


Dance is on the rise

Kenya boasts an impressive variety of dance crews on the rise. We preview a few of the most well-known, and well-paid dancers.

It started with the popular Sakata dance battle competition that was aired on Citizen and all major TV stations followed suit with their own version of dance competitions.

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This is evidence enough of the popularity and relevance of dance in the local showbiz industry.

Any serious artist will feature a dance troupe in his or her video to spice things up. Here are some of the well-known dance crews in Kenya.


Dashy Krew

Dashy Krew

This is one of the most sought after dance groups in Kenya.

Dashy Krew is a delight to watch thanks to their wicked dance moves.

The celebrated trio have performed in major shows across Africa.

The services of the versatile dancers comes at a cost as you have to cough up anywhere between Kes. 50,000 to 150,000 for them to appear on your video.

Dashy Krew dancers emerged the overall winners in the 2008 edition of Malta Guinness Street Dance Competition held in Nigeria.

In 2011 the trio performed in the Tusker Project Fame and Big Brother Africa Eviction parties held in Kenya and South Africa respectively.

Kamua Leo hit single video by Kidis featuring DNA, Wyre and Ameleena was spiced by Blizy and Renee’s impressive dancing techniques.

The group is now signed by GrandPa record label.




Sarakasi Dancers

Edu has that magical touch. He has been able to transform the worst dancers to world class act.

It comes as no surprise that he has been a judge and choreographer at the TPF.

Edu, the founder of Sarakasi Dome has been able to inject professionalism in an industry that was not taken seriously some years back.

Sarakasi dancers have that level of sophistication and organization that is only evident in world class acts.

Groups that have either emerged or borrowed their dance antics heavily from Sarakasi include the winners of Sakata Dance Battle Season 3 and gifted Wapi Wapi dance crew.

You have to part with a minimum of Kes. 50,000 to have them perform at your gig or on your video.



Wapi Wapi

This group has travelled the world courtesy of their well synchronized dance antics.

Wapi Wapi, a splinter group of Sarakasi Dancers, won the coveted 2011 Malta Guinness Pan-African competition.

The group is a household name in the local entertainment scene and has been featured in a number of music videos.

Some of the artists who have used the services of Wapi Wapi include the voluptuous Habida, Alpha and other local celebrities.

The group is open to negotiations if you want them to perform in your event or gig.



FBI Dance Crew

This is one of the foremost dance crews in Kenya.

They participated in the popular Sakata Dance Battle season II competition aired on Citizen TV and emerged the winners.

The outfit that has performed in the major East African cities charges kes 70,000 upwards to have them on your set.

FBI have spiced videos for notable artistes such as Wyre’s Dancehall party, Keko’s Make you dance, MOG’s Go let him Go among others.




This eight member dance crew has perfected its act over the years to become one of the most sought after in the local showbiz scene.

The Nakuru based group supremacy in dance saw them scoop the Sakata Dance Battle season III top awards.

This propelled the group to fame and artists have been trouping for their services. BLACKBLINGERS have worked with renowned gospel artists Exodus from Uganda, Anto Neo Soul and Eko Dydda videos.

The services of the talented artists will set you back kes. 60,000 or more.


Altermin Dance Group

Altermin Dance Group

This group dances for Christ but that does not make them any cheaper as you have to part with upwards of kes. 50,000 to have them on your video or gig.

The collabo with gospel artiste HopeKid acted as the springboard for Altermin troupe.

The gospel dance crew has three tiers of the original eight members, the all four ladies Altarqueens and Altar-mini which consists of five to thirteen year old children.

Altermin have performed in Uganda and Tanzania. Some of the talented artists they have worked with include Soc and Kriss Eh Baba in their Bila Yesu gospel track.



SISKO Dancers

SISKO has been there for eons and the Kangemi based dance troupe’s grip on the local showbiz is not loosening.

The kings of street hip hop have inspired many upcoming dance troupes with their dance moves.

SISKO have worked along the finest artists in Kenya and have many accolades in the competitions they have participated in.

The services of dance crew do not come cheap as you have cough good money to have them on your video.

SISKO have been featured in P-Unit’s hit single and they did justice to the song.



Zionist Dance Group

This gospel dance group that was formed in 2006 has been consistent over the years.

The dance crew, which will charge anywhere from kes. 80,000 to appear on your video, has worked with renowned acts like Jimmy Gait, Kevo Yout among other established artistes in the local showbiz industry.

The group has been nominated in both the prestigious Groove Awards and Mwafaka Awards.


I-EMAS Dance Group

I-EMAS Dance Group

I-EMAS (Internal Energy Moves And Synchrony) dance antics have seen them win the Sakata cash prize.

The group has been featured in a Wyre video, Wyre is a top dancehall artist. I-emas have travelled the country performing in numerous shows.

I-EMAS is arguably one of the best dance groups in the country and you have to pay good money for them to appear on your video.


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