Kenyans on Interpol’s most-wanted list (PHOTOS)

Capture1The International Criminal Police Organisation, or Interpol, has posted information on 20 Kenyans wanted for crimes committed locally and in foreign countries.


Businessman Yagnesh Devani who is currently in hiding is being sought by Kenyan authorities over corruption-related offences associated with the Triton oil scandal.

His photograph and that of other Kenyans have been published on the Interpol website, and the public are urged to notify police if those wanted spotted anywhere in the world.

The list includes 10 Kenyans being sought by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) over fraud, sexual crimes and murder allegations.

US authorities are trying to apprehend Jim Roberts Agengo, 66, from Kisumu. “Mr Agengo is wanted by the judicial authorities of United States to serve a sentence for two counts of aggravated indecent assault, two counts of institutional sexual assault, two counts of sexual assault and one count of indecent assault,” Interpol said.

Another Kenyan, Benjamin Kaviti, is also listed on the Interpol wanted list for rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent and sexual assault.
The US government is also hunting for Joseph Karanja, 39, who is accused of committing bank fraud and identity theft.

Charges of tax evasion and wire fraud have also put Ernest Kangara, Ervin Somba, Edwine Sila and Kenneth Njagi on the list of the world’s most-wanted suspects.

Thirty-seven year old Njagi is from Nyeri, while the actual homes of Mr Somba and Mr Kangara, suspected of having close links with Zambia’s Bernard Nyemba who is facing similar charges, have not been indicated.

Christopher Olalo, Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan and Fahid Mohammed Ally are also wanted by the US authorities.

Mr Olalo 64, is facing prosecution over allegations that he committed homicide while it is unclear why Mr Swedan and Mr Ally are on the list.

Mr Swedan, 44, and Mr Ally, 37, both from Mombasa, are classified as Kenyans of Somali origin who committed unspecified offences in the US.

The Interpol website said: “Msalam Fahid Mohammed Ally is wanted by the judicial authorities of United States for prosecution /to serve a sentence”. His colleague Mr Swedan is also facing similar charges.


The number of wanted Kenyans living in the US has been released even as it emerged that close to 200,000 Kenyans are living illegally in America and could be charged for flouting immigration laws if caught.

But a claim by a former Kenyan ambassador to the US, Mr Elkanah Odembo, has been criticised and dismissed as far-fetched and questionable by Kenyans in the diaspora.

Authorities in Rwanda are looking for Nathan Lyod Ndungu 43, classified as a resident of Mombasa, to face unspecified fraud related charges.

And John Mochama, 31, from Nairobi, is wanted by Ugandan authorities for prosecution over charges of forgery and creating a false document while Peter Gachago is facing defilement charges in Botswana.

The South African government is after Herman Muita Gichure, 33, for causing death by dangerous driving and Stephen Musundi from Bungoma for charges related motor vehicle theft.

An Indian residing in Kenya, Harbans Singh Gakhal, 59, is wanted by the Indian authorities to serve a jail term for human trafficking, forged documents and cheating.

Indian authorities believe Mr Gakhal from Jalandar, Punjab in India, is hiding in Kenya.

Kenya has also listed Ms Miriam Achieng Kadongo, 34 from Nakuru who is suspected of hiding in Finland as wanted for prosecution for obtaining credit by false pretences, uttering a false document and issuing bad cheques.







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