Kenyans in the US can now deposit money instantly from mobile app WAVE to Kenyan Bank Accounts

Wave-610x368Money transfer Service Wave is now enabling its users in the US to transfer money from their accounts to an account in Kenya.

The popular service which has made sending money to East Africa easy for those living in the US made the announcement on Wednesday.

According to Wave CEO Drew Durbin, Kenyans in the US can now send money straight to accounts at Equity bank, Co-operative Bank, Chase, CBA and family bank.

He further said that to be able to use this feature, users would need to upgrade to the latest version of Wave app. Once one has the new version, they can select “New Recipient” and then then select “New Bank Recipient”.

Kenya Commercial Bank, Stanbic and Barclays are expected to be added to the program soon.

Kenyans in the US are increasingly using this app to send money to family and friends through MPESA. The app is easy to use and also keeps a record of how much in Kenya Shillings one has sent over a period of time. The app also shows a comparison of how their conversion rates match up with other money transfer services Western Union and Moneygram. Wave does not charge a transfer fee like the other two.

On your phone, update Wave here

News Release: 

I’m unbelievably excited to announce that you can now send money instantly from Wave to Kenyan bank accounts (note: some banks take up to 24h to show the credit in your account).  Just update to the latest version of the Wave app, type the recipient’s name and select “New Bank Recipient.” 

You can send to Ksh accounts at Equity, Co-op, Chase, CBA and Family Bank once you update Wave here: 

Much love,

Drew + the Wave team 

p.s. KCB, Stanbic and Barclays are coming soon 🙂

Drew Durbin

CEO, Wave





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