Kenyans in Diaspora Laments Exclusion from Parastatal Appointments

chegeThe Diaspora Professionals Network wishes to register its disappointment over the apparent exclusion of the Diaspora from the recent appointments made by President Uhuru Kenyatta to the various parastatal organizations.

The appointments completely ignored the Kenyan Diaspora despite the government’s stated objective to involve the Diaspora in Kenya’s development activities beyond remittances.

The Kenyan Diaspora constitutes Kenya’s richest and most educated county and is ready and willing to contribute in every way possible to the development of our motherland.

It is for this reason that the Diaspora successfully lobbied for Kenya to adopt a comprehensive policy of engaging the Diaspora.

Despite the adoption of this watershed policy, the Kenyan government is yet to fully embrace the spirit of this important document as indicated in its recent appointments.

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We wish to re-state our commitment to serve our motherland in every way possible and call upon the government to consider the Diaspora in future appointments.

Professor Sam Chege
Global Coordinator
Diaspora Professionals Network



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