Kenyan Woman flogged for sleeping with her friend’s husband [VIDEO]

A sickening video has emerged online of the moment a woman is flogged after she was allegedly having sex with a married man.

Paul Mugoh, who posted the undated clip on hisFacebook page, said the woman was flogged by the man’s wife and her friends as punishment.

The woman is flogged for 2.12 minutes by the sturdy women with two men holding her hands and legs.

It is not clear if the beating continues after the end of the video.

“This woman was found guilty of sleeping with her friend’s husband, the aggrieved wife and her friends were given a chance to mete out punishment, and this is how they did it,” wrote Mugoh.


The participants are speaking in a distinctively Kenyan Swahili accent, although it was not clear where the assault took place.

Many of those commenting were disgusted with the events, dismissing it as sheer male chauvinism.

Lilo Warukira said: “Disgusting sh*t I need a gun to shoot all these primitive n*ggars! Was this woman (unpublishable) herself alone?”

Chris Wamugunda weighed in: “The man should get equal strokes….”

The video is watermarked

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