Kenyan Woman Dies at Medical City of Dallas, No Known Relatives in US

Charity Wanjiku Mugure, 35,

Charity Wanjiku Mugure, 35,

A Kenyan woman has passed away at Medical City in Dallas, Texas.

Charity Wanjiku Mugure, 35, passed away yesterday. The cause of death has not been revealed as yet.

According to a family source who spoke to, Charity does not have any relatives in the US and the information regarding her passing away came from her relatives in Kenya. She does have a relative in the UK.

According to family memebrs in Kenya, Charity would call Prof Ngugi Wa Thiongo her grandfather.

She hails from Limuru  (Kwa Bira)

It is believed she was working with VerizonWireless. Prior to moving to Dallas, she had lived in Houston and New Mexico.

According to her fiance who is from New Mexico, she did not seem to have any known friends he could remember.

If you know her, please contact Leah Wanjiku at phone number: 832-630-4492.






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