Kenyan Voter wants Jubilee Party deregistered over flaws

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during the launch of the Jubilee Party

A voter has moved to court seeking the deregistration of Jubilee Party for breaching its own constitution by failing to conduct grassroot elections.

Political pundits have billed the 2022 polls as a do-or-die affair for Deputy President William Ruto who is seeking to control the party.

The voter, Mr Godfrey Musaina, wants the court to block the party led by President Uhuru Kenyatta from getting the Sh161 million it is supposed to receive from the Political Parties Fund this financial year.

He says the party deserves to be deregistered for committing multiple illegalities such as failing to establish internal dispute resolution mechanisms as stipulated in its own constitution and the Political Parties Act.

The party has been appointing ad hoc committees to resolve disputes, says Mr Musaina.

He also wants the court to order Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu to deregister the party on grounds that it does not meet the basic criteria of a political party under Article 91 of the constitution and is operating contrary to the law.

Formal meetings

In a petition certified as urgent by the High Court in Nairobi on Friday, the voter says no organ of the Jubilee Party has ever held a formal meeting as contemplated in the party’s 2016 constitution.

“Jubilee Party does not keep or hold functional offices in at least 24 counties. It does not comply with the provisions of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act and its calls for tenders are charade,” says the petitioner.

Through lawyer Duncan Okubasu, he also claims that Jubilee does not utilise 30 per cent of its funding from the public on programmes and party activities.

“The registrar of political parties is aware of the breaching by Jubilee Party as each year she receives annual returns from political reports, but has declined to take any step to ensure it implements the constitution or deregister it,” says Mr Musaina.

Election boards

Court documents indicate that the ruling party is yet to establish county election boards and that the term of the boards that undertook the 2017 nominations expired.

The party is also yet to establish its 32 governing bodies as stipulated in its 2016 constitution which was used to secure the registration.

The said bodies include the National Delegates Convention, National Governing Council, National Executive Committee, National Secretarial, National Advisory Council and Jubilee Foundation.

The petition will be mentioned on November 2 to confirm if the petitioner has furnished the IEBC, Jubilee Party and registrar of political parties with copies of the case.



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