Kenyan VIP drivers blamed for road crashes


The spotlight for causing road accidents has been turned to VIP vehicles and drivers using personal cars during the festive season.

All fingers have in the past been pointing at public transport vehicles due to their knack for causing accidents and breaking traffic rules.

But according to the traffic commandant, Mr Benson Kibui, VIP cars and drivers in personal vehicles are also culprits and are the cause of many accidents on Kenyan roads.

“Private vehicles violate traffic rules with impunity and we are going to take action against them,” said Mr Kibui.

During festive seasons like Christmas and the New Year, many drivers in personal vehicles are tempted to drink and drive, causing many accidents, especially at night.

According to the commandant, only the President’s motorcade cannot be stopped by traffic police. Anyone else should be stopped and arrested if caught violating traffic rules, including VIPs.

High end cars like Mercedes Benzes, Prados, Range Rovers and BMWs are rarely stopped by police at road blocks. “No one is above the law and an officer can stop even a minister and arrest the driver in case they violate traffic rules,” Mr Kibui said.

He noted that most VIPs were supportive of traffic police in taking action against errant drivers.

Public service vehicles have in the past taken all the blame for causing road accidents. Current statistics from the traffic department show that so far this year, road carnage has claimed the lives of 3,041 people.

Out of these, 1,504 were pedestrians, 284 were drivers, 780 were passengers and 297 were motorcyclists.

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