Kenya to demolish whole of Namanga town for one-border post facility

Image of Namanga OSBP Facility

Image of Namanga OSBP Facility coming soon

The State is to demolish the whole of Namanga town to pave way for the construction of a One-Stop-Border-Post (OSBP) facility.

The Development of the OSBP at Namanga is widely expected to minimise smuggling and evasion of customs duties, which delay cross-border transport.

The move will also see Treasury fork out about Sh1 billion in compensation for land and property owners near Namanga border.

The compensation will also include the losses incurred by traders after losing their businesses.

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) Director General Meshack Kidenda said tenders for the construction of the OSBP in Namanga town have already been awarded.  Eng Kidenda said the total compensation for the project affected persons is estimated at Sh970 million of which the authority is already processing Sh247 million for disbursement.

The compensation includes among others, the cost of land, properties, business units and loss of income due to relocation of businesses.  “We are pulling down structures in this town. We are pulling down a town to build this facility,” Kidenda told The Standard yesterday.

Public land

The National Land Commission (NLC) has already shown intentions of acquiring 1.85 hectares of both private and public land in Namanga.

This will do on behalf of KeNHA as part of the project. The project is   part of the Athi River – Namanga Road project on the Kenyan side. Athi River – Namanga road starts at the junction of the A109 Mombasa – Nairobi road at Athi River, 25km south west of Nairobi. The proposed project in Namanga town, will require demolishing some of the existing buildings and surrounding structures.

It involves cordoning and fencing an area of about 6.5 hectares. The plots belong to private individuals, Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

According to feasibility study by consultants GIBB Africa Ltd the total amount of land to be taken by the OSBP is estimated at 8.09 hectares.

The study by GIBB Africa Ltd shows that the  compensation for land owners is estimated at Sh330.33 million, compensation for formal structure owners (Sh546.22 million), formal structure tenants (Sh9.61 million), informal structure owners (Sh1.66 million), informal structure tenants (Sh540,000) and Government structures (Sh15.18million.)

In gazette Notice No 577, NLC Chairman Muhammad Swazuri said the hearing of claims for compensation by the affected persons would start next month (March 12).

The Government also intends to acquire 0.36 hectares of private land for the construction of Emali-Oloitokitok-IIIasit road and 2.6 hectares of land for the building of Thua Bridge project along Chuluni-Mwetika road in Kitui County.

The project is a continuation of the construction of the Athi River – Namanga Road side in Kenya.

Implementation of the OSBP on the Kenyan side has fallen been behind schedule due to delayed compensation to the affected persons.

The project involves, among others, cordoning and fencing an area, estimated at 6.5 hectares, which will be designated as the border control zone (BCZ).

Parking areas

This will be an area whose access will be limited to persons crossing the border or offering services. Other project features include construction of roads to by-pass the BCZ and construction of parking areas for trucks crossing the border within the BCZ.

Other works include the construction of an office complex, incinerator for disposal of impounded goods and animals, verification sheds and warehouses.

In 2010, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency commissioned GIBB Africa to undertake a detailed design, environmental and social impact assessment and resettlement action plan on the proposed OSBP at Namanga in Kenya and Tanzania.





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