Kenyan Man in Lowell, Massachusetts Charged with Soliciting for Sex

Judge and Jury

A 46-year-old Lowell man is charged with soliciting for prostitution because he twice asked a woman on Appleton Street if she wanted to have sex with him, police said.

According to court documents, on Nov. 5 a store clerk said a man in a green minivan solicited her, and when she turned away he left the van, grabbed her by the shoulder and solicited her again. She told him she would call the cops, and he fled, documents state.

Police later stopped a minivan fitting that description. The driver, Edwin M. Kinyanjui, of 126 Branch St., allegedly said he was simply trying to get a girlfriend for sex and that he didn’t believe he did anything wrong, according to court documents. The passenger denied knowing anything about the incident, admitting that he solicited her for sex, documents state.

In Lowell District Court last week, Kinyanjui pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and battery, annoying/accosting a person of the opposite sex and solicit for prostitution. He was released on personal recognizance, and is barred from the store and is to have no contact with the alleged victim.
Kinyaju has previous arrests for assault and battery, disorderly conduct and violation of a restraining order.

-Lowell Sun



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