[VIDEO] Kenyan Man claiming to be BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Mathews Biological Father emerges

dillish'sfather1After emerging this year’s Big Brother Africa winner Namibia’s new millionaire Dillish now can smile even more after her big wish — that of meeting her biological father — came close to reality today.
A man who claims to be the beauty’s Kenyan father visited the Standard Group offices today afternoon and recorded an interview saying indeed, he fathered Dillish during his peacekeeping mission in Namibia.
Guyo, the man who showed up in our office today was part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG), deployed from April 1989 to March 1990 in Namibia to monitor the peace process and the first elections.

Last week Wednesday, Rinelda Mouton, a Namibian journalist carried an exclusive interview in which Dillish and her family sought to meet her real father.
Known as Dillish Mathew’s the beauty said she only learned about her Kenyan father through her mother Selma Pashukeni.
Abdi Guyo, a retired Kenyan soldier was unknown to many until now.

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