Kenyan flight coordinator jailed for molesting a female airline staff in Dubai

He allegedly sexually harassed and tried to have sex with the Vietnamese woman while both were on duty.

 Dubai International AirportA 36-year-old Kenyan flight coordinator at the airport has been sentenced to three months in jail for molesting an airlines employee.

The Court of First Instance also ordered that the defendant be deported after serving his jail time. The coordinator, identified as D.M., is believed to have sexually harassed and tried to have sex with the Vietnamese woman while both were on duty. The 24-year-old complainant told the prosecutor that the incident happened on November 5 last year, when she was on duty at Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport.

“I was on the runway waiting for the arrival of the planes but they had not arrived yet. I had not worn my safety jacket also”.

She then spotted D.M. driving a shuttle vehicle and asked him whether he had that jacket. “He told me to ride with him or I would face administrative penalty as I did not have the safety jacket on”.

Once she sat with D.M., he allegedly started making sexual moves on her and even started touching her. She pushed his hand away from her thighs.

“I was wearing a skirt and he tried to put his hand under my skirt. He drove to another spot and tried to touch me again”.

D.M. kept harassing her for about one hour even as she begged him to drop her back.

He dropped her back only after she gave him her mobile number and promised to talk to him on phone later. She wrote a report about the incident and gave a statement to the police at the airport.

A policeman said the accused fled the place shortly after the incident. “He did not answer our calls and also did not report to work.”

On November 9, the police interrogated D.M. at the airport. “He denied the woman’s accusations at first. But later admitted that he touched her and claimed it was done by mistake”. The verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days.




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