Kenyan embassy staff in Geneva`shunned over arrears’

Kenyan_passportLandlords in Geneva have refused to lease their property to the staff of Kenya’s mission because of failure to pay rent on time.

The ‘quiet’ decision in the real-estate market in Geneva has forced most of the Kenyan embassy staff to live in hotels and serviced apartments for up to six months.

These details were revealed following a recent visit by MPs to the mission in Geneva.

As a result, the House Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations wants the Kenyan ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Dr Tom Mboya, dismissed from his job.

The legislators noted that although it was expensive to live in hotels, the money management at the mission had left the employees with no option since those who manage to get rented houses are under pressure to pay on time.

The House committee report claims that two senior officers — the Labour and the Finan

cial attaches -in the Kenyan mission further jeopardised the chances of the landlords changing their minds on their stand because “they caused damages to leased houses“.

The landlords have sued the Kenyan mission. In a report submitted to Parliament on the status of the embassy in Geneva, the committee pinpoints Dr Mboya’s leadership credentials as “wanting“.

The MPs have recommended that the Efficiency Monitoring Unit investigates abuse of office allegations by the ambassador.

The report adds that the mission is Sh33 million in the red. Sh33m What the Kenyan embassy in Geneva reportedly owes




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