Kenyan Bloggers to undergo journalism training

Media Council of Kenya CEO Harun Mwangi at a past event.

Media Council of Kenya CEO Harun Mwangi at a past event.

Bloggers who want to be recognised as journalists will be forced to undertake diploma and degree courses in Mass Communication.

Media Council of Kenya CEO Harun Mwangi argued that prosecuting bloggers was a challenge since they cannot be tagged to the journalism career.

“It becomes very hard when a complaint comes to our office that a blogger has defamed or abused a person online. This is because bloggers do not have any idea about journalism or the code of ethics,” said Mr Mwangi.

He argued that bloggers were tarnishing professionalism in the media with many abusing social media platform and using it as a tool to breed ethnicity and hatred.

“Most of them have never stepped in any media class. That is why they can be able to publish obscenities and get away with it. They only care for their popularity,” he added.

Mwangi argued that there was need for bloggers to be accredited to by MCK.

He was speaking at the weekend during a media workshop at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha.




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