Kenyan beauty is Worldwide Top Model

5Everline Aboka, a Kenyan model based in Canada, won the Top Model Worldwide title in a stiff competition, beating contestants from more than 47 countries.

Everline also received the Model Award due to her kind support to the models during the competition, a spirit that is never present in contestants competing for the same title in any competition.

Everline wrote on her Facebook page, “I dedicate this win of Top Model Worldwide title to God, the maker of all beautiful things including me, to my late dad Raphael who knew I was a beauty queen right from childhood, to my lovely mom for the best care, to my amazing husband for his endless love and support, to my loving brothers for their protection, to my sisters for their extreme love, to my only and late sister-in-law Sussanah Griess for her painful struggle with cancer till she was laid to rest in January this year, to my mother-in-law Olga for bearing and raising such a wonderful husband, to all the ladies who look up to me as their role model, to all the street children with whom I have hope of creating a home for, to the organisers of Top Model World Wide, UK Top Model and to all my friends and fans around the globe, God bless you all for believing in me and giving me hope even when I don’t see it myself.”

She will get the chance of being part of a prestigious photo shoot in Naples, Italy for a week to shoot the latest collections for Yes London including touring and excursions.

The competition was held in London on April 13.



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