Kenyan artistes admit that Wyre, Nameless, Redsan, Jua cali, Wahu and prezzo remain the godfathers of music in Kenya

Wyre, Nameless, Redsan, Jua cali, Wahu and prezzo

(Top L-R) Wyre, Nameless, Waho. (Bottom L-R) Prezzo, Jua cali, Wahu and Redsan

There was a time when local artistes could not open bank accounts. They lived from hand to mouth. What was left from their little earnings was saved under pillows.

That wasn’t long ago. With the advent of a new urban showbiz culture that has been credited to Pulse, youthful artistry talents started to shine. Even though the industry is still young, major steps have been made to make sure that local musicians, actors and other players can make a living out of their art.

Award-winning gospel singer Daddy Owen, observes that although most artistes have had their moment, his music success is one thing he treasures and thanks God for.

“I have really worked hard being the only musician to have won seven awards in one year and the first gospel artiste from Kenya to win an MTV Award in the Anglophone category, not to mention the more than 28 trophies under my cap.”

Veteran comedian James Chanji aka Mshamba echoes his sentiments.

While affirming that Daddy Owen is undoubtedly one of the greatest local artistes ever, he also maintains that acts like Churchill, Sauti Sol, Papa Shirandula, Rufftone, Nameless, Kidum, Wyre, Jua Cali, Nonini have kept the Kenyan entertainment industry alive and kicking going by their consistency and lasting relevance.

He mentions the likes of Jalas, Eric Omondi and himself (Mshamba) as some of the artistes who have managed to re-invent themselves in a bid to sustain the industry.

“It takes wisdom and creativity to give your audience what they want,” says Mshamba, adding that some of the memorable moments in local showbiz include the emergence of Groove Awards that has maintained high standards making the gospel industry relevant and bigger than its secular counterpart.

Fast rising comedian Professor Hamo declares Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali and Wahu as some of the artistes who have been consistent in maintaining required standards as far as music goes.

“The fact that they are not easily swayed by new changes but still manage to appeal to a large section of audience speaks volumes,” says Hamo, adding that the growth of local comedy from old boring stuff from Vitimbi to standup by various generations of comedians through the Churchill show that has been appreciated in Kenya and across the world is a big achievement.

New female singer Gin Ideal of Grandpa Records famed for the single Rede mentions Abass and Kenrazy as hardworking artistes who have remained relevant over the years.

“These are musicians I watched way back while still in school and still remain relevant to date,” she says, adding that the best moments in local showbiz was when singer Wahu scooped an award for Mamas — proving that local female musicians can also do well in a male dominated industry.

Timmy Dat of Welewele hit mentions CMB Prezzo, Nameless, and P-Unit as some of the biggest local artistes of our times. “They came, saw and conquered and still remain relevant.”

For him the best moments was when Prezzo single-handedly introduced swag in local music even before the word itself.

Female rapper Sossun feels that a large section of Kenyan artistes have had their moments at one point or another. “They all take credit for having contributed in the development of the local industry regardless of their contribution.”

Rapdamu argues that singer Wyre had his time, followed by P-Unit, then Sauti Sol and finally Jaguar. Newcomer dancehall sensation Dufla agrees that Nameless, Jua Cali and Wyre remain on top of the game.

“I strongly believe that the above artistes are in the music business as opposed to their counterparts who are in the music industry.

New artiste Sagodizo famed for the singles Vunja Kupasua and Nyamaza mtoto featuring Hussein Machozi avers that Nameless still tops the ranks. According to him, others are Redsan and Wyre who take the most credit for keeping the local music industry alive and kicking. Majirani states that Jua Kali, Nameless and Moustapha are the artistes of the moment.

“Their creativity, originality capped with consistency has kept them on top of the game with Moustapha always releasing one hit after another.”

He mentions the beef between Jaguar and Prezzo (having worked in favour of Jaguar) and the introduction of the Pulse Music Video Awards as some of the best moments in the local showbiz.

Kristoff of the Dandia hit maintains that Nameless, Jaguar and Wyre are the artistes to watch.

He describes the immense contribution by Ogopa deejays in revolutionising local music through artistes like the late E-Sir, Krupt, Nameless, Wahu, Deux Vultures and Klepto just to name a few making it acceptable at a time when many Kenyans hardly listened nor appreciated their own music.

New Female Rapper Tracy of Dandia Remix asserts that Wyre and Kenrazy are some of the musicians who know and understand what serious and good with longevity entails.

Frasha states that P-Unit, Nonini, Nameless, Wyre, Kenzo Daddy Owen, Julliani, Redsan, Amani and Avril have been and still remain the artistes of the moment.

“Their consistency, change and maturity as far as their music goes speaks for itself. That is the reason they have been able to appeal a large section of audience besides their music continue to be appreciate from time to time.”





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