Kenyan Actress Papa Shirandula’s Wilbroda Bags A Huge Sossi Endorsement Deal

TV actress, Jacqueline Nyaminde aka Wilbroda starring in Papa Shirandula

TV actress, Jacqueline Nyaminde aka Wilbroda starring in Papa Shirandula

Celebrated TV actress, Jacqueline Nyaminde aka Wilbroda starring in Papa Shirandula has signed an endorsement deal with food processor Promasidor well known for it Sossi and Onga brands.

Wilbroda will feature in a 2 minute Sossi Cooking show, which has 12 episodes alongside reknown nutritionist Lina Njoroge.

Commenting about Wilbroda’s role, Promasidor Marketing Director Mark Williams said, “We contracted her as an artist. By virtue of her celebrity status she will definitely be an ambassador albeit in a subtle way.  She genuinely has an interest the brand and sees the relevance to her audience. Wilbroda’s role is to showcase how simple it is to adopt Sossi in the diet and commonly prepared dishes. If she can prepare a range of simple delicious meals, then anyone certainly can.”

The TV Commercial shows Wilbroda in Lina Njoroge’s kitchen showing her style of cooking various Sossi dishes including stew, pilau, omelette, matoke, githeri and other simple to prepare recipes. In their interaction, Lina explains the health and nutritional benefits of soya while Wilbroda reinforces why she like the Sossi product for her family’s wellbeing.

Mr Williams added that the rationale behind the TV Commercial  is to educate Kenyans on how to prepare different meals with Sossi. “We would like to show Kenyans how versatile Sossi is and emphasize that it can be used in any of their favourite meals for optimal health benefits. The nutritionist will impart the benefits of soya and provide a strong reason to believe as to why anyone and everyone should introduce and sustain use of soya in their diets,” he said.

The TV Commercial was shot Cape Town South Africa and was facilitated by the Promasidor creative team and executed by Buchanan Group- a production house that specializes in kitchen set ups and who have done numerous productions for companies specializing in food products.

SDE contacted Wilbroda for comment on the deal and while she refused to state the amount she was getting from the deal, she admitted that she is being paid handsomely.

“I am so honored to have been chosen for this deal,” she added.




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