Kenya Transport Ministry Website Hacked


The image also read that “Ayyikliz Team promises that they will visit your areas too…”

UPDATE:The website is now back up and running

The Ministry of Transport website was hacked on Wednesday, raising concerns over the security of government websites.

Visitors to the site were greeted by an image that read “All Muslims are together, the CYBER WAR will be appeared all countries which not respecting Islam”.

The image also read that “Ayyikliz Team promises that they will visit your areas too…”

Confirming the incident, State House Director of Digital Innovation and Diaspora Denis Itumbi said hackers had been posting images on the website.



Itumbi emphasised that the incident was a clear indication that all government websites must undergo a new design to enhance their security, pointing out that it’s the mandate of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to secure all government websites.

He said he would lobby the Ministry of ICT to fasten the move of securing the websites through young Kenyan digital experts by the end of the month.

“It can only take one weekend to work on these websites, we will look for young Kenyan digital creatives that can come up with creative websites, we need to give them a chance,” he said.

He said that all government websites should be modern, fresh and interactive in line with the digital government.

“Most of the government websites are not interactive, and are outdated; it’s a high time we work on this issue as its not the first time this (hacking) has happened,” he stated.

In 2012 more than 100 Kenyan government websites were hacked by an Indonesian hacker.

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