Kenya tops in search for gay pictures on Google

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urrent Google trends show that Kenya is top globally in search for the term ‘gay sex pics’ with a search volume index of 100. Those searching the term are mainly doing so through Facebook.

Kenyans are curious about homosexuality despite publicly denouncing it as portrayed in top Google searches.

The country is ranked top in Google searches on ‘gay sex pics’ with a search volume index of 100.

South Africa is ranked second with a volume index of 80 followed by Pakistan at 59 and Nigeria at 53.

The difference in search volumes between the top countries evidently shows that very many Kenyans are looking for gay sex and pornography materials online.

Searching the term ‘gay sex pics’ on Google search trends public tool reveals that countries with the highest intolerance for gay people have the highest numbers of people searching gay terms online.


Most of those making the online queries to search for the gay terms are using Facebook to conduct their searches, the Google data shows.

Kenya has had a history of homosexuality intolerance with the recent incident being when the government through the Kenya Film Classification Board recently banned a local film “Stories of our lives” for promoting homosexual, gay or lesbian activities.

The film that premiered during the Toronto International Film Festival had been produced by a Nest Arts Company Ltd was said to have been Kenya as a country with many active homosexuals who need to live freely according to a statement by the board expressing the ban.

“Anyone found exhibiting, distributing or broadcasting the film will be prosecuted,” warned the statement in part.

Globally, Apple CEO Tim Cook became an internet sensation on Thursday when he declared that he was proud to be gay and that he considered it to be his greatest gift.

Cook became the most prominent chief executive to acknowledge his homosexuality in an essay he wrote in Bloomberg Businessweek.




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