Kenya Commercial Bank unveils new interactive website

KCB Group has gone digital by launching strategy by launching a new interactive website to serve its customers better.

The new site is easy to navigate, provides easier communication channels for customers, andtailored to user friendly.

The bank has invested over Sh800 million in upgrading its IT infrastructure since 2007.

“We have today made major steps in cultivating our digital strategy and extending our digital footprint across Eastern Africa as well as the globe,” KCB GroupCEO Joshua Oigara said.

KCB Group has created a dynamic website that sets out to give its online customers an improved user experience. Prior to this, KCB had operated many different micro-sites for different products in addition to the group corporate website.

The Internet prevalence rates within the market have catapulted KCB into embracing digital strategy as a primal platform to communicating with its growing customer base.

Emerging changes in customer behavior and taste in the banking industry, is a growing demand for digital channels of communication and service level satisfaction both at retail and corporate level.

“Our customers will be able to use internet banking services more conveniently including KCB Bankika, KCB Mobi Bank and the KCB Diaspora Banking from the comfort of their homes, offices or even when on holiday,” said Oigara.

They can also transfer cash, set up periodic transfers or payments for loans as well as get statements and view their transactions at the push of a computer or phone button, he added.

This is supported by the uptake of mobile money which has expanded to 23.2 million people in the country mainly due to the convenience as well as the value-added services of facilitating payments for goods and services.

In the past, telecommunication and entertainment production companies have been leading in exposure within the digital space but over time the Kenyan digital landscape has evolved to being a more consumer-oriented or participative platform whereby communications are tailored and personalized towards consumers on an individual level.

There are 29.8 million mobile phone subscribers in the country.

The high numbers is what KCB is banking on with this new aggressive digital strategy by having consumer-based features like 24-hour live chats.

According to the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), internet or data market in the country has grown to 9.6 million users with mobile data or internet subscriptions continuing to dominate.

“Today, consumers have become more discerning and are increasingly interested in engagements whereby KCB is actively involved in electronic Relationship Management,” he said.

KCB has launched both a website as well as mobi-site that succeed at realizing its digital-based goals.

KCB has also sought to attain new heights within the banking industry by being the first local bank in the region to offer 24/7 customer service through a unique chat portal to consumers, he said.

This is aimed at increasing interactivity with the consumer while ensuring that the bank remain at the cutting-edge of customer satisfaction.

-The Standard



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