Kenya Army Defense Procurement Keeps Region Edgy

Sudden shift of military power through excellent war and deployment strategy by Kenya defense forces has Africa and its neighbors puzzled and worried for two reasons.

For one, if well equipped, such an army commands significant geopolitical might, and two, there will be a sudden geopolitical and geostrategic importance of Kenya to major world powers particularly, the US, Russia, and Britain, besides France.

Defense analysts and espionage agencies have been watching for KDF defense procurement trends in the recent past besides those dating 5-years ago to estimate its capacity besides project its potential as Indian Ocean waters and African military power.

Having used its air, ground, and naval assets exhaustively in Somalia, Kenya army has simply edged out existing arms embargo that disallows its procurement of aggressor defense equipment.

The Kenya air-force remains the most closely watched with Ugandan, Ethiopian and South African security and military intelligence very keen about its attack/fighter jets procurement.

In Central, East, and South Africa, the three countries assume the authority of seniors hence often deploy military to flashpoints or intervene using military diplomacy to assert authority.

Kenya army air-force wing has in the recent past analyzed it current needs to meet the emerging challenges of increasingly powerful neighbors such as Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia besides military threats posed by both external and internal proxies and militia’s such as Al-Shabaab.

Defense intelligence analysts at Strategic Intelligence identify an edgy African and Asian region if Kenya unveils a modern fleet of fighter aircrafts, naval power, and a capable air-cavalry division.

According to intelligence analysis on the KDF objectives and roles under the President Kibaki regime, the regimes economic blueprint requires an effective military that can pacify zones as far as DRC and CAR to increase economic ties, presence and benefits to Kenya and the region.

As such, Kenya air-force choice of fighter aircraft is inspired by two factors, the economic blueprint, and restoration of the Kenya air force to full strength to meet emerging modern challenges and threats.

By procuring modern attack helicopters and fighter aircraft, KDF keeps neighbors edgy since its capacity and strength can be deployed as far as CAR which Nairobi views as a possible source of business for Kenya investors besides a vital element in the regional economics.




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