Kakamega man who gave up wife over Sh900 gets her back after paying debt


Jones Kevogo (r) with her then new husband Patrick Andabwa at their home in Lwanda village On February 25

A man who gave up his wife over a Sh 900 debt in Likuyani sub-count of Kakamega County has taken back his wife after clearing the debt.

Francis Kevogo astonished many in February this year when he offered his wife to Patrick Andabwa,22, after he was unable to pay him a Sh900 debt he accrued after he assisted him bake bricks.

Andabwa accepted the offer and went away with the woman Jones, 43, to his home in Kona Mbaya in village in Matunda location where they have lived for the last four months.

Kevogo paid the debt on Tuesday.

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Witnesses told the Star that Kevogo was welcomed by his co-husband and after paying Sh 900 left with his wife of over twenty years. The couple has five children.

 However after reflecting on the move, Andabwa decided to follow the couple to their home in Lwanda village to demand to be paid interest accrued on his debt.

“He claimed that Kevogo had overstayed with the money and must repay with interest,” said a resident who declined to be named.

Andabwa’s fresh demands angered Kevogo and the entire Lwanda villagers who descended on him with all sorts of crude weapon leaving him unconscious.

Good Samaritans rescued Andabwa from a maize plantation and rushed him to the nearby Mabusi health center before being transferred to Matunda sub-district hospital in critical condition.

While being offered to offset the debt, Jones said she accepted to move out of her matrimonial home because Kevogo had developed tendency of not paying people’s debts.

Kevogo and his reunited wife declined to talk to the press.

Jones in the yellow T-shirt on this photo has a Bible verse inscribed from the book of Isaiah 32:18 it says, “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes,in undisturbed places of rest.”

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