K-Street sex workers troop to the tea zones where KTDA will pour billions in tea bonuses.

kstreetNairobi’s red light district has recorded a huge drop in numbers of sex workers on night duty in the past week.

Sex workers told The Nairobian the twilight girls have left town for tea-growing zones in Central and Rift Valley where KTDA will pour billions in tea bonuses.

Few young women were spotted mainly on Koinangeand River Road streets by The Nairobian on the nights of October 6 and 7.

Club patrons who spoke to The Nairobian said the women have changed their “hunting grounds” for now.

“Some of the women who frequent this club for clients started leaving as early as August targeting wheat-harvesting season in Narok. Another batch went to tea growing regions. A close friend left on October 7 for Othaya,” said a club patron.

Ann, a sex worker said: “My friend made more than Sh300,000 from the trade in Central and Rift Valley. Presently she owns businesses and matatus in the city. But she quit prostitution. I am also looking for money to travel to Nandi town before 20th October.”

The tea bonuses this year amounts to Sh60 billion, which KTDA will reportedly pay farmers on October 26.

Women in the tea growing areas have in the past complained over the influx of commercial sex workers targeting their husbands’ hard earned cash.

They have demanded that the cash be shared equally between husbands and wives or arrangements be made to ensure the money is not squandered in prostitution.




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