Dennis Itumbi Finally States His Job Description

On the Diaspora front, This must itumbibe said from the depth of my heart and mind, we did not do a good job in 2013. The ideas and planning was superb, but the execution has been slow and the impact dismal. There are many reasons but instead of naming them for now, I take the blame. At least two of our greatest pledges are almost hatching, it should have happened earlier but we’ll such is life. In 2014, speed, impact and relevance will be our focus, So Help and guide us Lord. Once again to Diaspora, we are sorry, intention and results did not blend as we would have wanted, we have a clear plan and vision and am certain we will continue benefitting from your wisdom and ideas, even as we implement our plan. We will be your ally not your bosses ..God Bless You and Keep You.


Here is Itumbi’s Job Description, as he laid it out on social media:

The Director Digital Strategy, Innovation & Diaspora Relations will deputise the Secretary Communications.

Specific duties will include:

i. Develop the Digital Strategy for the Presidency;
ii. Deliver and receive digital Government information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device safely and securely;

iii. Enhance innovation that leverage Government data to improve services rendered by the Presidency;
iv. Provide platforms for members of the public to connect with the Presidency;
v. Modernize content publication model to deliver digital services;
vi. Developing online content for Government, State House’s websites, blogs, mobile apps, short message services (SMS) program, email program;
vii. Ensure there is official social media presence for the Institution of The President and Ministries;
viii. Oversee the weekly social media address by the President and Ministries where applicable;
ix. Prepare set up for the weekly press corps briefing by the Communication Secretary;
x. Advice the Presidency on ways the Government can adjust to new digital world;
xi. Liaising with Diaspora to allow constant interaction and exchange of ideas between the Presidency and the Diaspora;
xii. Outline structures for diaspora engagement with the Presidency;
xiii. Mobilize the diaspora to act as partners in the development of Kenya;
xiv. Design policies and implement programs fundamental to diaspora relations;
xv. Support the Presidency’s media outreach activities to include diaspora;
xvi. Support the establishment of unit/departmental goals and objectives;
xvii. Support in establishing resources and budget for the Communication Office at the EOP;
xviii. Manage responsibilities assigned within the Communications Office;
xix. Support the Senior Advisor in articulating communication strategy direction;
xx. Deputize the Secretary Communication in reviewing and reporting on Office’s progress as required;
xxi. Responsible for performance management tasks for the officers directly reporting to him/her;
xxii. Develop annual work-plans and performance standards for the Communications Office;
xxiii. Develop and participate in presenting Government image in a new fresh way and change the traditions that do not connect with a changing population and Technology.



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