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Here below are the vacant jobs for September 2013 to apply;


Crescent Arcade 5th floor,
Suite 511, UN-Avenue,
WEBSITE:  World Aid Relief International

World AID Relief is a world leading independent charity organization aiming at making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable persons. World AID Relief inspire real dramatic change for vulnerable people around the globe. World AID Relief work with people in vulnerable situations. Providing safeguards for them against any form of abuse is our priority. Combining short-term relief with long term development, our program represent a huge under-taking.
And this is why we need-

102 VOLUNTEERS for a relief job that MAINLY includes -:
A)43. Volunteers to work at World AID Relief-North Eastern refugee camps.
B)36. Volunteers to work with vulnerable children and women within the slums of Nairobi.
C)23. Volunteers to work at World AID Relief-S. Sudan refugee camps at Juba

NB; These vacancies are open to those who currently worked for World AID Relief-Somali, BUT with equal chances as fresh applicants.

1.Kenyan , Ugandan or Sudanese citizens with K.C.S.E (O-Level) and ABOVE.

2. Willingness to teach, assess and mentor young and vulnerable children.

3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English as language.

4. Must have good numerical and analytical skills for children.

5. Be of impeccable integrity and honesty.

6. Must be a team player with good interpersonal skills.

7. Time management skills and attention to detail

NOTE-Employment shall be on a 2-year contract initially with possibility of conversion to permanent and pensionable terms subject to organizational needs, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance.
NOTE-If successful, you’ll be part of a dynamic and passionate team based in Nairobi, North Eastern Kenya and Juba, S. Sudan for 2 year working 6 days a week (according to your faith) 8 hours a day.
NOTE-As a relief volunteer job, you are ONLY accommodated and protected as single person within the World AID Relief center ONLY FOR N.  EASTERN AND S.SUDAN APPLICANTS.
NOTE-As World AID Relief-S. Sudan volunteer, you’ll need a special permit to travel anywhere in Sudan other than World AID Relief-Sudan center and Juba.
NOTE-S. Sudan being a region with acute housing problem, you might be required from time to time to be housed in air conditioned tents if need be.
NOTE-World AID Relief-S. Sudan will pay you a salary of USD 803 or Kshs 68,295/= for your volunteer work in Juba every month excluding allowances while World AID Relief-Kenya will pay those working in North Eastern USD 643 or Kshs 54,678/= every month and Kshs 715/= daily allowance six days a week. World AID Relief-Kenya will pay those working within Nairobi slums a salary of Kshs 46,450/= with a daily allowance of Kshs 478/= six days a week.
NOTE-As a relief volunteer you might be requested to work for more than the stated 8 hours or at odd hours at NO EXTRA pay other than the above stated Salary.
NOTE- successful applicants will be notified by email and their day time phone numbers.

Interested candidates can apply by sending their details by email to  and we shall reply today.



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