JKIA operations back to normal

jkia normalOperations were fairly back to normal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Saturday.

This was despite some incidences of passengers getting lost as they tried to locate the new international departure section.

However, airport staff worked tirelessly to guide the travellers to the right departure and arrival sections.

Despite the confusion, the largest airport in the country seemed to be regaining normalcy after the disastrous Wednesday dawn fire that brought down the International Arrival section.

Most companies with operations in the gutted section put up makeshift tents next to the domestic flights area. Those waiting for passengers were also provided with tents for shelter.

“There was no problem, it seems everything is back to normal now,” said Melisa Anne on her way to Manchester in the United Kingdom.

She however added that her four friends had been kept for four days before they could depart on Saturday after the disruptions.

JKIA was temporarily closed on Wednesday leading to massive disruption of flights. Services were slowly returned on Thursday and by Friday the airport received its first international arrival after the fire.

The cause of the fire is yet to be known although investigations are underway.

The pavilion, normally used by the President and other visiting heads of state, was used as a terminal and remained under tight security.

Police officers also watched over the burnt section that remained closed to the public.

The Kenya Airports Authority is yet to quantify the damage although it is estimated that it could runs into hundreds of millions.




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